Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY - Make Your Boots Stand Up!

I hate how my boots slouched to the side and anytime I would grab a pair or move something they would fall. I knew I needed something to put down in them to make them stand up like they do in the stores. I kept checking at TJ Maxx, but our local one is usually hit or miss so late one night while organizing my closet I came up with my own solution. 

I never throw away the plastic bags I get anytime I grocery shop or shop for anything else. I have millions of them and that's what I decided to use for this. I took one bag and filled it with 4 to 5 crumbled bags and then tied the first bag around itself tightly and in the shape I needed. Very simple. I've seen where you can cut a pool noodle up and do the same thing, but I didn't have one of those handy nor did I want to go out and get one when I could do it for free. Not to mention it was like 1:30 in the morning. Odd, I know - but the middle of the night is when I have the most energy sometimes. I think it has to do with juggling a 10 month old, an ornery puppy, and a relentless kitten all day. The middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping, is the only time I have to myself. =P

Well that's my simple DIY on how to make your boots stand up. Not only do they look better sitting in your closet, but you don't get that annoying crease in the boot where they fold over. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to reading your comments of any DIY's you would like to share!

All My Love,
Lyndsay <3

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tails of Annie and Oakley

We would be the crazy people who would get a dog and a cat at practically the same time, while having a (at the time) 7 month old baby.

When we found our house and were getting ready to close on it, my husband expressed his desire of getting a dog. Me myself had never had a dog. Ever. I think dogs are high maintenance and drool too much. I grew up only ever having cats and I loooove cats. Had I never met Ryan, I would have been content being the crazy cat lady. I've never minded other people's dogs I just never had the desire to have one of my own. But Ryan grew up with dogs. Huge dogs. Dogs the size of polar bears. I wasn't having that. So I told him that if we were going to entertain the idea of getting a dog, it would have to be a German Shepherd. I've always liked that breed of dog a lot for some reason. He agreed, liking that breed as well, so the search began. I already followed the local humane societies on Facebook, so I browsed through their pictures and found an older German Shepherd that I wanted to go visit. We went in and played with him, but we were too late to adopt him, someone had already put a hold on him. As bummed as I was, I couldn't help but be happy that he had found a home. I kept my eyes open and one day I saw a picture of a German Shepherd mix puppy named Apple Annie. We went in and visited her and she immediately took to our son, and I saw the look on my husband's face and knew we had to have her. We took her home that day. We were still a few weeks away from moving into our new house so she had to stay with my husbands parents on their farm because we lived in a rental that didn't allow any pets.

Fast forward to 2 days before our move. I was working on cleaning our rental and playing with Evan when I heard this pitiful crying sound. I picked up my son and walked outside to see if I could hear it better. We took a walk all the way down the hill and I found a little kitten. She was hiding and when I talked to her she came running over to us. She was shaking and scared but she let me pick her up so I took her back to our house. I immediately texted a picture of her to my husband saying "Look at what I just found!" He of course let me keep her, we couldn't just leave her on her own outside. His one condition was that he got to name her. He decided on Oakley, since we already had an Annie. My husband is funny like that. When I took her to the vet, they said she was barely 4 weeks old and lucky we found her when we did since she got separated from her mommy she wouldn't have made it. I hid her in the rental until we got moved a few days later. She was not an easy thing to hide either! She could squeeze her little body under doors, so I was always worried that the land lord would be over and she would make herself known. Luckily that never happened!

Once we got moved into our new house, we introduced Annie and Oakley to each other. They took right to each other but I had to keep an eye on them because Annie played too hard being so much bigger than Oakley. I'm so glad we got them young because they will grow up together and be buddies. That was one of the main reasons my husband wanted to get a puppy, so our son could grow up with it. I think it's sweet. :)

While they are a handful, I wouldn't trade them for anything. They are hilarious and Evan loves them! I have several funny stories coming your way so look for future 'Tails of Annie and Oakley' posts. Have any funny stories of your animals? Post a link in the comments below, I'd love to read them!

All My Love,
Lyndsay <3

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Little Update & the ABC's

What a crazy couple of months I've had! I keep meaning to sit down and blog and life keeps getting in the way. I have missed this SO much though! I posted last that we bought our first home, and since then we have gotten all moved in and have been working on making it our own. We have painted, organized, rearranged and made our house a home. I finally feel like we have a place for everything and its all been very fun to do!

We had a housewarming 4th of July party and a birthday party for my sister today here at our house. It is so cool to be able to host those kinds of things now. We are kind of centrally located and it works out perfect because I love to play hostess and throw parties.

I was also involved in politics for a little while! My mother in law ran (and won!!) in the primaries to be the republican candidate for the general elections this fall to run for Ohio state representative. That was a new experience for me, as I am not interested in politics at all, but it was a lot of fun and kept us very busy!

Our baby boy is growing like crazy, crawling all over the place at high speed and walking along furniture and anything he can pull himself up on. We also got a puppy and a kitten all around the same time, and let me tell you - I have my hands full. So there's a quick little overview of whats been happening in our lives the past few months. I have several posts planned and I cant wait to get back into the blogesphere!

To finish off my little update, I was over at my friend Jo's blog and she did a fun ABC post. I thought I would do it too!

A - Age: 26

B - Birthday month: October

C - Color: Grey & Yellow, but my fave changes all of the time!

D - Drink: Sweet Tea

E - Eyes: Blueish Grey

F - Flashback: Today is my sister's birthday and I keep picturing her when she was little.

G - Game:  Twodots on my iPhone

H - Hobby:  Crafting, trying things off of Pinterest, and reading.

I - Indulgence: Pedicures

J - Job: Stay at home momma!

K - Kiddos: The cutest little boy in the whole world, Evan - who is almost 9 months!

L - Love: My husband, Ryan!

M - Music: Country, and the Adele station on Pandora

N - Nation: USA!

O - Overstock: Shoes, Purses, Makeup, and Nail Polish

P - Pets: Annie the puppy and Oakley the kitten

Q - Quote: Let go and let God

R - Residence: O-H-I-O

S - Siblings: My sister, Chelsea; Sister in-laws: Jennifer (her hubby Jacob), Lori, Becky, Allison

T - Temperature: Normal

U - University: Right now, DeVry online but I'm transferring to WVUP this fall.

V - Vehicle: Ford Edge

W - Want: Nothing of any importance, haha

X - X: Marks the spot! (I'm leaving the previous answer here, it was a good one haha)

Y - Yuck: Poopy diapers hahaha

Z - Zodiac:Scorpio

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little update and ABC's. Stay tuned for another post soon! What have you all been doing this summer?? Comment below :)

All My Love,
Lyndsay <3
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