Friday, September 11, 2015

Well Look Who's Back!

Hey guys! I've been gone a little while and I must apologize. There were a mix of reasons that I decided to take a little hiatus from the blog. Some of which I am choosing not to disclose because I want nothing but positivity here on my wonderful slice of the internet but the other reasons being as follows:

~ My husband is now a fully trained engineer! He was sent to engine school in January and has been training ever since and just recently fully marked up. So our lives have been a little hectic and all over the place but mostly (whole-ly? =P) we have been SO blessed!

~ My best friend got married! I helped her in every way I could to plan her big day and it went off without a hitch and she had such a beautiful wedding day!

~ My little sister got married too! My mom and I planned every thing from beginning to end, mom having the wedding/church to decorate and I did the reception, the invitations, and so forth. It was awesome even if there were a few hiccups but my sister was over the moon happy and her day was beautiful.

~ I'm still in college! And this last term I doubled up on classes so I was overloaded and any free time I had was dedicated to studying and working on homework and discussion posts and taking quizzes and tests. But because I did that, I now have a glorious 8 weeks off and I am enjoying every second of it.

~ My child is entering his terrible 2's early! He turns 2 in October but he has done everything early up to this point, why not add this into that as well. He is by no means a bad kid. But my goodness, he can't figure out why he can't have things when I tell him no. And he thinks the whine will get him whatever he wants and that just isn't true. And he's figured out that if he just screams/cries in public when he's so over it, mommy will put down whatever shes shopping for and take him and leave. He wins.

So there you have it, folks. Hopefully if you're reading this, you missed me. And if you didn't miss me, then I don't know. But at least you're reading.  :)

At this point in time, I have no plans for posts, I'm just going with the flow here. So feel free to ask me anything you want in the comments or give me hints on what you'd like to see next. This blog isn't just about all the things in life that I love, its about what you love too! <3

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life of a Conductor's Wife: Kids

With Christmas around the corner, my husband jumped on a turn that pays more and gets overtime, but it keeps him away for a few days at a time. Since our son was born, Ryan hasn't really worked out of town. When Evan was really young, he didn't notice daddy being gone so much. Lately, I've started noticing that Evan would become a little more defiant around the second day of Ryan being gone. It clicked with me one day when I realized that's the only thing that has changed lately in our day to day life. When Ryan's home, the normal routine is that he gets up with Evan and I sleep in. I am a natural night owl so I stay up to put Evan to bed, straighten things up,  and get chores done that I couldn't do during the day. Ryan likes to go to bed early so it works out perfectly for us. But I think Evan expects that time with daddy every morning. Not that he isn't excited when its me that walks into his room in the morning instead of daddy, but on the second and third day you can tell hes wondering where in the world his daddy is. He likes his routines like his momma does, ha-ha! Our son is never bad - he has the sweetest, happiest personality of any baby I have ever met and that isn't me being biased at all - its the truth. So when he starts to get a little defiant or agitated/whiny about things for no apparent reason, I know he is missing his daddy. Of course Ryan is missing Evan just as bad and can't wait to come home, and he doesn't wish for Evan to be difficult for me - but he loves that Evan misses him, it makes him feel good. And the excitement from Evan when daddy walks through the door is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Our dog Annie is attached to Ryan at the hip. I am the discipline and the rule enforcer so she is on her best behavior around me usually. She likes me well enough, but she loooooves her daddy. She whines when he leaves and searches the house for him every time I let her outside and back in. When his car rounds the corner she is at the door, tail wagging, full of excitement. It kills her that she isn't the first to get his attention after he gets inside and puts his bags down. She doesn't wait very patiently but she eats it up. I'm not the first to get his attention either, I'm the third! Only because Annie is so dang impatient and she crowds, ha-ha!

And then there's our cat, Oakley. She could care less. She does as she pleases and doesn't care who's there to feed her and fall asleep on.

Railroad life definitely affects the kids, but so far I haven't considered it to be in a bad way. If anything, the time away results in more quality time together and that's never a bad thing. Evan gets his daddy's undivided attention while he's home and it's like they haven't skipped a beat.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Baby Turned 1!

What an awesome first year it has been with our little boy, Evan. It's hard to believe that it has already been a year, time has flown by! We had an awesome train themed party for Evan at our house. The 18th fell on a Saturday so we got to have it on his actual birthday. So many people came and he got so many presents he couldn't decide what to play with first! No one was surprised with the party theme, we are a train family after all! :) I found the cutest invites on Etsy and hand made 95% percent of the decorations. It was such a great day and I think Evan enjoyed himself quite a bit, especially the cake eating part!
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